Australia is the first to send mobile task units to anti injection protests to chase, beat, pin down, and forcibly inject-protesters. America will be next (VIDEO)

Australia is the first to send mobile task units to anti injection protests to chase, beat, pin down, and forcibly inject-protesters. America will be next (VIDEO)

Australia is leading the way for the rest of the world, including America, to address ‘vaccine hesitancy.’ It is the first country known to publicly send mobile task units to anti injection protests to chase, beat, pin down, and forcibly inject-protesters who dared to speak against the abuses of their government [H/T Ymani Cricket].


Are you strong enough to fight off a dozen men in a government ‘mobile task unit’ running you down, beating you and injecting you “for your own safety” should Americans continue to submit to the destruction of all our cherished founding principles and Constitutional Rights? 

What about all the boosters and other injections Bill Gates’ CDC want us to have? Once they start vaccinated us like cattle, what’s to keep them from continuous mandatory injections, like tranquilizers, sterilizing agents or ‘customized doses’ for dissenters? What if those of us who believe we’re witnessing Bill Gates’ and other ‘filthy elites’ plans for Global depopulation are correct?

Were the Aussie’s forcibly injected in the video ‘only’ violently injected with Covid ‘doses’ many of them likely believed would kill and maim them, or did they get double doses (a.k.a. ‘dissenter doses’) or other extra customizations? Once your own government implements ‘vaccine passports’ or violently pins you down and injects you with concoctions of their choice, can organ harvesting be far behind? Ask the Chinese, they know. 

Biden and those unelected traitors now posing as our public servants are not going to allow the public to decline ‘vaccination’ because China won’t let them. China has never been closer than it is today to acquiring America for itself; it won’t let this opportunity pass simply because Biden is demented or Americans refused to volunteer for the jab. China NEEDS Americans to be vaccinated. Of course, there are exceptions. The ‘elites’ only pretend to get vaccinated; a strategy Biden publicly forgot when speaking with Don Lemon. If the vaccines were not bioweapons, then why did Biden look horrified for a moment, and then stammer “you’ll be okay” when Lemon said he’d been vaccinated?

The absolute determination is true for ‘vaccine passports’ which will give our enemies, including China, the ability to deny us the ability to buy fuel, withdraw money from an ATM, enter our workplace/restaurants/schools/medical facilities/grocery stores unless we keep our passports ‘current’, regardless of how many injections of unknown composition are required to maintain ‘current’ status.

Once the filthy elites obtain unprecedented levels of electronic surveillance and control of humanity, previously described in the Book of Revelations, those who refuse to submit or support whomever rules over them could simply be ‘put down’ as needed, one at a time when they show up for injections required to maintain ‘vaccine passports’ to enable their ability to buy, sell, work, obtain medical services etc.

Maxine Waters bragged that Obama was creating a database the likes of which no one had ever seen before. 

1. Maxine Waters is an evil idiot.

2. Maxine Waters is indiscreet.

3. The database includes all captured information in social media platforms originally created by the Pentagon (DARPA) and launched by propping up other idiots (Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos), portraying them as grass roots developers leading implementation of surveillance state technology (Amazon Ring cameras, Alexa etc.).

4. The cell-phone linked database stupid Maxine bragged about includes China’s ‘social credit score’ system which restricts and awards access, travel and all other resources based on what you say, how you support the government, whom you sit next to, talk to and other social, vaccine, and compliance determinants.

5. Google and other DARPA assets installed and developed China’s working version, and the same software is live in the US, but not yet formally implemented for population management purposes.

Our ‘so-called’ public servants won’t stop until they make us China’s public slaves via technology already successfully develop and deployed. However, China and other elites only have use for less than 10% of the worlds population; there are practical limits to the number of personal servants one needs and can control. That’s why Gates and other filthy elites have devoted their lives to eugenics, ‘carbon footprints,’ and the development of ‘vaccines.

What may appear to be constant flip-flopping of decisions, direction, and ‘science’ on the part of those attacking us is in reality a documented psyop strategy used to fatigue resistance, so that people simply give up and accept what their told that day.

Our complicit MSM ridicules attempts to obtain coherent statements from the White House and medical leaders as “conspiracy,” ignorance and terrorism. The CCP puppets are on a relentless march toward ‘vaccine passports’ and mandates, regardless of whatever Kabuki theatre is playing in DC and State Capitals on any given day or broadcast statements.

Every effort we make to publicize and PROTEST the Australian government’s attack on its citizens will help us even more than it helps our brothers and sisters Down Under.

Worldwide, all who still have a closing window of opportunity need to PROTEST on behalf of Australia, Israel, America, and all other countries under ongoing, internationally-coordinated and incentivized biowarfare campaigns.

China and other globalists around the world won’t let the Biden machinery cease forcing injections on the public until they succeed. Where Australia goes, Israel, America and other nations go too.

Heads of state world-wide have long been engaging in indirect physical combat to kill and enslave us. In America, our leaders didn’t begin hostilities by shooting the elderly in nursing care facilities because the public would resist. Instead, they forced facilities to accept severely ill, contagious patients while at the same time preventing healthy family members and other advocates from visiting them. Our government inflected tens of thousands of deaths among the elderly with needless infection, delay and denial of FDA approved medications, and isolation that defeated their will to live.

Our government is engaging in individualized combat. The citizen must fight against multiple enemies, all of whom have armed themselves with the political, medical, economic, legal, communications, and education resources of the US government.

Our MSM and social media were weaponized in the extremely long runup to the current undeclared war against freedom. They have falsely convinced many that we are outnumbered and out gunned, and that we cannot win.

From those armaments, China Biden conscripts and projects additional troops by forcing businesses to require vaccines, deny employment or customer access to the unvaccinated, and limitations on products and service through social distancing and lockdowns.

After many years of saturating medical and educational institutions with Federal funds and services, the coup machinery in DC is tugging on the reins, threatening to pull back funding for infractions like practicing free speech or delivery of save and effective medical treatments. 

Our ‘public officials’ along with China and Bill Gates, have seized and wield against us almost all assets outside of our individual faith in God, patriotism, and love for our families. Note that our assets attract heavy fire from our enemies. It’s no accident China Biden  closed churches; decreed patriots terrorists/targets; and continue their ubiquitous long-term racial division and siege of the American family and community spirit, permeating with constant fear and driving division wherever people draw support(e.g., Covid porn, quarantine, prohibiting/limiting family gatherings, polarizing racism/politics/’vaccination’/fear).

Together we are strong. That’s why quarantines, closures of churches, fanning racial divide with BLM theatre, and now China Biden’s program to monitor cell phone texts for ‘misinformation’ are among the most critical tactics and strategies in their battle plans.

When initiating indirect physical attack on Americans, China Biden didn’t violently restrain loved ones from rescuing the quarantined elderly, they attacked softly by using propaganda to convince loved ones visiting the elderly would be the true physical assaults on residents survival, and used the captured medical establishment to physically bar entry to the facilities.

For injection ‘hesitancy’ outside of anti ‘vaccine’ protests, these squads are going to residential areas, and demanding people accept injections. Citizens who decline are beaten and warned the squads will return the following week for a repeat performance.

In America, we’ve already seen a political coup in which the losing party counted the votes, proclaimed itself the winner, and is building a case to convince the public that anyone who speaks about it poses a ‘threat to national security’.

The Biden Administration is holding political prisoners without trial until next year for protesting election theft on January 6, and for walking through doors and gates held open by Capital police. The Capital Police only report to Congress. Nancy Pelosi is creating outposts of her private police force in California and Florida. Serving on Nancy’s personal security detail at the Capital is a high status achievement among the intel agencies.

A whistleblower has said Nancy, Pence and others directed her personal forces on January 6 to create a bloody massacre. When President Trump asked protesters to leave, their plans changed and they coordinated to move through departing protesters to invite people to protest inside. He said many were asked, but Ashly was the only once who accepted. She was lured to the second floor where she was the only one present in the corridor who was not a government operative.

The FBI used capture cell phone data and other intel to track down people and imprison them ahead of trial dates scheduled to occur next year to prevent them from exposing the true government perpetrators, to intimidate those who left but had declined when invited to the second floor, and to intimidate every American from protesting.

Imprisonment and intentionally delayed court dates keep them from exposing the Biden Administration’s complicity in conducting the fake ‘insurgency’. At the same time, the plight of Biden’s pollical prisoners warns those patriots who declined invitations to accompany operatives to the fatal corridor on the second floor not to come forward. Operating a gulag for innocent protesters warns every American that we can expect abuse from the highest levels of our government if we exercise the right to speak, protest  and the freedom to assemble. In Biden’s America, dissent is dangerous, but continued silence and compliance are becoming slavery, one step at at time. 

Twitter, Facebook and other tech/MSM giants collaborate to efficiently combine the suppression tactics of censorship, black listing, electronic surveillance and cancel culture into massive super computing technology prepared to implement ‘vaccine passports’. 

The Biden Administration (i.e., China) has recognized that is has partially awakened the ‘sleeping giant’. Americans are becoming aware and getting angry, so the CCP is too afraid to mandate vaccines yet. This means we still have time – they fear our numbers. However, we and people across the globe have very  very little time left.

China (i.e. Biden) needs to force more people to accept the toxic, needless injections before vaccine mandates and passports  are implemented in order to whittle resistance down to a smaller, strategically manageable percentage of the population. Many Americans who are vaccinated are experiencing reductions in their capacity to exert themselves, and this provides China an advantage when it moves to implement ‘mobile task units’ in America. Those door-to-door injection invitations China implemented in the US will be returning later, using information collected and reported through the first data collection sweep, but this time they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Are you strong enough to deny entry to one hundred+ armed men arriving in multiple, armored Homeland Security Units and tasked with swarming your neighborhood, while forced entry teams enter the homes and apartments of the unvaccinated? In your own home, will you be able keep our government’s trained mobile task forces from beating and restraining you while forcibly injecting you and your loved ones, including infants, all in the name of protecting “national security”?

China Biden claims that speaking about what is happening is ‘dangerous misinformation’. Accepting bribes from China and the Ukraine, stealing an election, violating Constitutional and Human Rights (e.g., holding political prisoners, mask mandates, censorship, prohibiting assembly, performing medical experiments on people) are far, far more dangerous. China Biden is lawless and their administration is fabricating controls to enslave us. 

This isn’t about health. If it was, US medical officials would choose companies qualified to produce safe products and test them for 12 years to determine if they were safe.

The CDC wouldn’t withhold reports of adverse events to the publicly accessible VAERS database. The CDC wouldn’t instruct everyone vaccinated to report any adverse event(s) to its private, V-Safe database instead, which is only accessible to the CDC. There wouldn’t lawsuit with a signed deposition from a government whistleblower reporting that she personally saw approximately 45,000 post ‘vaccination’ deaths sitting in the CMS database, but not reported to VAERS as is standard procedure.

We’ve never seen public beatings and forced injections of people to ‘protect them’ from an influenza with a 99.5% survival rate even death counts are falsely inflated and successful treatments are delayed and denied.

Welcome to world-wide Civil Biowarfare 1.0.

I have to finish this up quickly so the editing and typing degrade from here on, and I still haven’t finished proofing the above. But please read, share the video clips (HTML is in post #1) and take action. Post suggestions in the comments. 

Captured governments like ours are lawlessly terrorizing, killing and conquering under the banners  of ‘public health’ and ‘national security’, while the public is unwilling to admit that genocidal evil exists, and doesn’t want to be seen as selfish or rude by resisting.

The lawful public has not risen to save itself; it is waiting for our mortal enemies to grant us permission to do so.

Ghandi showed the world that the more numerous public can resist the slavery aspirations of less numerous evil empires.

We need big numbers they can’t arrest. Diffused throughout the united states

Venting anger online is ‘out’ in many respects, unless you are ever mindful of the way your posts can be distorted and portrayed as ‘dangerous’, even on FR, because China Biden and his state media (MSM) will use any expression of patriotic anger as an excuse to portray immanent attack, shut down websites, frame people as ‘conspiracy theorists, stage false flags (Jan 6), gun grabs etc. 

Biden’s directive to monitor text messaging for Covid ‘disinformation’ was actually intended to monitor for signs that we are organizing rallies and meetings.

We must organize and meet and protest – but we can’t use phones. 

Some may use coded language, hand out printed documents listing meeting and protest dates and times instead of phones and emails.

I hate to say it but Google devices and Amazon ring cameras, Alexa etc. which are being monitored by police for ‘community safety’, are part of intelligence gathering to protect ‘national security’ from ‘dangerous MAGA insurrectionists’. 

Recall some on FR have reported that emails sent through Gmail and another (I forget) were not received when they had Covid Vaccine terminology in the subject titles. One of the FReepers reworded the title and then the emails were received.

Youtubers learned to put record images of text instead of speaking dialogue because YOUTUBE uses voice recognition software to alert it to patriotic statements supporting President Trump, asserting the election was stolen, or questioning the ‘vaccines’ etc. That voice recognition technology was already in use during Desert Storm, I recall reading the Pentagon had AI ‘listening’ to all communications and could detect Jihadi conversations to arrange meetings and materials exchanges. 

We outnumber those who want to mandate ‘vaccine passports’ and other abuses by far. We must let them know we will not submit, we will not kneel.

First and foremost, we need to publicly state or visibly signal that we will not comply with the destruction of civil, Constitutional, and human rights in |America, that we are vehemently against mandates and powergrabs, that we lost faith in the Federal government etc.

We must tell the whole world about what is going on in Australia. Please share the gifs of forced vaccinations at the top of the page. Here is the HTML for those to gifs.

Our enemies need to see our absolute resolve to resist, to not go the way of Australia or China, to remain free people.

We may think relevant product boycotts – boycotting any company that endorses literally any action Biden advocates. This has practical limitations but implementing boycotts and calling out sycophant’s can save our lives.

Employers are being forced by the Biden administration to vaccinate. State that you will boycott businesses which force employees to be vaccinated. You will help protect yourself and others across the globe if you make it plain THIS SHALL NOT STAND. 

I don’t have the answers – I’m spinning ideas for consideration.

But let’s think kquick and start leveraging our power as a consumer, as a patient, as a voter, and a parent etc. to refuse to cooperate, or we too shall be chased down, beaten, and forcibly vaccinated like feral dogs.

Either leave phones at home for public protests or, as one person suggested, wrap a box in foil and put your phone in it. Have someone else try to call you and see if it rings. Shield yourself from intrusive data gathering or sudden opportunities to join protests from people you don’t know.

It’s tough – some freepers said they were at a public venue and there was a table of very aggressive Chinese people collecting signatures protesting the actions of CHina, portraying themselves as patriots. But their aggression was hard to match and the FReeper believes that the signature collection to identify dissidents for Chinese intel. Not kidding.

Obviously social media is out – it’s heavily monitored and purged already.

But work stoppages could be adapted for use. Hard to say the best strategy to use because they WANT to crash the economy. Local protests and organizing – if everyone leaves cell phones and other technology in a box outside the room.

You might think I’m kidding about leaving cell phones at home and if arriving with them, leaving tablets/laptops/ereaders outside the meeting room, but Zuckerburg tapes paper over the camera on his laptop for a reason. This was first reported a year or two after China was exposed for monitoring meetings conducted by the Dali Lama in Tibet via hacking the microphone(s) on laptops in the meeting rooms. No sign the microphone was active appeared in the operating system.

Amazon’s Alexa has to listen to all conversation in order to scan for commands. Years ago the police subpoenaed the Alexa transcript related to a person who was murdered. They wanted to see if Alexa recorded useful information. Amazon lied and said they did not record conversations for later. And then later Amazon admitted staff could hear what Alexa could hear occurring in the room but that feature was only available to trusted Amazon staff.

Then there was an article in a publication, possibly Wired, written by a consumer disturbed by the idea that Amazon was bragging that Alexa could use facial recognition to identify family members in the dark.

I don’t know if Amazon still has them but they used to sell ‘reorder’ buttons that you would station through  your house (e.g., a TIDE button next to the laundry soap, a PURINA button next to the cat food in the garage). I’m sorry but it’s just too odd that we ‘need’ electronic devices in every room in the house, some of which can identify our faces with the lights out. WHY? 

Even refrigerators come equipped with Internet screens and helpful ‘services’ and the ability to speak into any device means it has the ability to monitor voice communications. Devices like Google pods and the general influx of consumer electronics must be considered.

Kindles have Alexa and just try to remove it. Even if you appear to remove this kind of listening software, the device can update itself and replace listening capabilities without showing it. 

Recall Microsoft had ‘Cortana’, a voice activated assistant. I think they said they retired it. At least they SAID so. If Windows Cortana is no longer visible, it doesn’t mean it’s no longer present. Bill Gates keeps tape over his computer monitor camera.

We’re in a surveillance state with Nancy Pelosi officially setting up Capital police in CA and FL, but likely they’ve been here since January, and in many places, ‘unofficially’ in other locations considered likely to protest or react.

We outnumber them many times over. We have God, prayer, and we have each other. We will not be defeated unless we won’t take a stand. Every effort we make to unite in public shows of resistance, by whatever means we can, is an critically important stride forward. So many patriots think they are alone.

We need to get better at supporting those banned and canceled – we can’t let them pick us off one by one.

It’s possible that boycotts of patriots from Twitter/Facebook etc. and moving to post exclusively on social media could work because the deep state would be left talking to itself, and patriots would realize we’ve been run over by a small number of puppets all this time. This is already happening – CNN lost 75% of it’s audience. What would they do if all their communications and MSM minions were universally ignored. They would realize we’re not listening; we won’t comply.

If we tune them out, abandon them, and communicate on other services; we would soon glimpse little evil men and women behind the curtain and their power will be lost.

Gotta run. God tells us not to live in fear, but in faith.

Faith gets things done while fear stops things from happening.

Let’s get things done.

To: Cathi; Unrepentant VN Vet; metmom; Fractal Trader; SecAmndmt; bagster; doc maverick; …

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